Legal Translations

Our lawyers regularly advise foreign clients carrying out commercial activities in Germany. As part of our services, we also translate contracts and other legal documents from French, German and English into one of these languages. We also have a translation activity within the framework of our litigation practice. For instance, we translate written submissions, court decisions and documents that have to be filed at court. Our legal translations are processed by Armelle Doughan, a sworn translator for French and German, accredited by the Court of appeal of Düsseldorf. Fabienne Kutscher-Puis is also a sworn translator for French and German accredited by the Court of appeal of Düsseldorf and Rolf Beeker is a translator for business French approved by the Chamber of Commerce of Paris.

Legal Translations – Our services:

  • Convenience translations in French, German and English
  • Certified translations in French and in German
  • Translations of contracts and legal documents
  • Translations of written submissions and other legal documents