When our clients are involved in legal disputes, our main objective is to achieve the best outcome for our client by reaching a settlement through negotiation or mediation. If necessary, we represent our foreign clients before the German civil and commercial courts or an arbitration court. Our knowledge of civil procedure in other jurisdictions helps us to understand our clients’ needs. In the case of parallel proceedings in other countries, we instruct und liaise with foreign lawyers, in particular from France and Benelux. We can also take appropriate steps to ensure that these judgments are enforced. Based on our expertise as translators, we provide high-quality translations of written submissions, court decisions and documents that have to be filed at court.

Litigation in Germany – our Services:

  • Settlement negotiations in Germany
  • Collection of debts
  • Judicial litigation before the courts of first instance and of appeal
  • Arbitration procedures
  • Translation of documents in the context of litigation
  • Correspondence in the language of our clients