Legal advice in International Commercial Law

Kutscher-Puis | Legal specializes in Commercial and Distribution Law in international business relations and our expertise covers all related legal areas. We render services in three languages, from providing legal advice, drafting and negotiating agreements to representing our clients in mediation or arbitration procedures, as well as before German civil and commercial courts. Our clients benefit from our extensive legal experience in the areas of distribution of consumer goods in Germany (particularly in the fashion, footwear, cosmetics, jewelry, decoration and food sectors) and marketing of other industrial goods and services in Germany (logistics, product packaging, etc.).



Dr. Fabienne Kutscher-Puis has directed the publication of the newsletter for members of the German-French Lawyers Association as editor-in-chief.

Actualités 2/2019


Dr. Fabienne Kutscher-Puis and Dr. Philippa Paternot have edited the latest newsletter for members of the German-French Lawyers Association in cooperation with Werner Gaus, Esq.

Actualités 1/2019


KUTSCHER-PUIS │LEGAL welcomes trainee lawyers of the Paris law school – EFB – during their seminar organized jointly by the Paris Bar and the Government of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Programme Séminaire Allemagne 2019


Dr. Fabienne Kutscher-Puis participated as a speaker at the round table on the theme of “Reconciliation of work and family life – also a question of personal culture” in the framework of the conference for in-house lawyers 2019.

Unternehmensjuristen-Kongress 2019 – Programm