Legal advice in International Commercial Law

Kutscher-Puis | Legal​For the last many years, Kutscher-Puis | Legal has specialized in commercial and distribution law in the German-French context. Our clients know that they can rely on our advice from the time of their initial business dealings all the way through to the establishment of a sales and distribution network in Germany or France. Where required, we have our partner law firms based in France with whom we work closely. Our wealth of experience in the distribution sector, in particular in the areas of consumer goods (clothing, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, interior decoration and food), industrial goods and services (logistics, product packaging, etc.) is of significant benefit for our clients.

Simply give us a call. We are confident that you will appreciate our swift and professional advice tailored to suit your project.



DFJ annual conference in Strasbourg 2022Dr. Fabienne Kutscher-Puis contributed to the organisation of the annual conference of the German-French Lawyers’ Association (DFJ) in Strasbourg.

Dr. Fabienne Kutscher-Puis - DFJ Straßburg DFJ annual conference in Strasbourg 2022


dfj Actualités 2/2022Dr. Fabienne Kutscher-Puis has published an article on the impact of the Corona crisis on commercial leases in the electronic journal of the German-French Lawyers Association (DFJ).


dfj Actualités 1/2022Dr. Fabienne Kutscher-Puis has directed the publication of the current newsletter for members of the German-French Lawyers Association as editor-in-chief.


Fabienne Kutscher-Puis has been appointed as Secretary General of the German-French Lawyers’ Association.