Legal advice in International Commercial Law

We advise foreign companies that export and distribute products and services in Germany. Our team provides our clients with all the legal assistance that they require from beginning to the end of a business venture. Our services range from drafting contracts and their implementation, assisting clients during negotiations with their German partners or representing them in conciliation or arbitration procedures, as well as before German civil and commercial courts. As we are fully familiar with the specificities of the French-German and Belgian-German legal relationships, we can principally defend the interests of our clients from France and Benelux in Germany.

We can support our clients’ cross-border activities

We can support our clients’ cross-border activities and work regularly with renowned law firms in France, Belgium and Luxembourg and accountants and tax advisors in France, Belgium and Germany.



Kutscher-Puis | Legal welcomes a new lawyer. Dr. Philippa Paternot joins our team on 2018.10.01.


Dr. Kutscher-Puis has written an article on the financial risk related to the termination of distribution agreements under German law, published in the French magazine Le Journal du Management No. 63 [May-June 2018], p. 31.

Le Journal du Management


Dr. Kutscher-Puis has written a comment on the judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union of April 19, 2018 (Exclusion from the right of the commercial agent to indemnity in the event of termination of the contract during the trial period), published in the German magazine Zeitschrift für Vertriebsrecht 2018, p. 169-174.